What I did wrong…

Nearly DNS because of a slip between the 4 & 7 buttons.
Lesson learned: Triple check contact – emergency, rallymaster, destination(s) – phone numbers.

Thinking the back pouch on the Alpinestars jacket was a good place for my rally book.
Lesson learned: Devise better – weather proof, easier to access – storage for rally book.

Failing to preload waypoints into GPS.
Lesson learned: Absolutely load waypoints into all GPS’s being used (including phone/tablet)

Using GPS with “direction of travel” UP
Lesson learned: 1) set the smaller, more portable GPS to NORTH UP orientation (like paper maps) to maintain a frame of reference. 2) Print out smaller maps around bonus locations, highlighting inbound and outbound segments.

Failure to add in time for the actual stopping for collection/photo/log/fuel
Lesson learned: Add stopping time to my ride plan (duh!)

Poor photo composition/lighting
Lesson learned: 1) Be very familiar with camera controls, practicing to learn best settings for conditions.

I really need a nap (and a receipt!)
Lesson learned: 1) Learn to rough it and sleep wherever I can. 2) get a receipt, THEN worry about the actual rest.


What I did right…

I enjoy a significant advantage with nighttime riding. The time saved NOT batteling traffic, and the energy saved avoiding distracted or otherwise dangerous drivers (besides late-night bar patrons) made managing the workload much easier.

Multiple GPS with differing perspectives. I found the Garmin much more helpful than the the TomTom, so I’ll be running two Garmins in the future.

An internet-connected, daylight-readable tablet worked as well as I had hoped. The multi-screen views of Waze GPS w/traffic, live weather radar, remote phone access and Bubbler GPS, all on a single 8.4 inch screen. Verizon mobile data rocks (thanks Tim!)

The route I had planned was a winning one; I had uploaded all the bonii into Google Maps Engine Pro ($5/month) and used this map for the rough outline of the route. Grouping waypoints into potential legs (A, B, C etc.) and running route optimization on each leg worked out well. Had I allowed for the time at each stop, the ride plan’s timeline would have been dead on.

Helping fellow riders. I read about the fellowship between riders before ever attempting a rally, and I personally experienced it before the start when Rachel helped out this rookie and other riders were sharing stories of their experiences at dinner Thursday night. When given the opportunity to pay it forward, I did take the time to help a fellow rider. No matter what, I’ll continue the tradition of fair play this group of good people.


What I need to do better…

Pack lighter! I had SOOOO much crap with me it was difficult to manage it all. It made packing the bike in the morning and finding anything along the way so much harder. Future rides will be much simpler and lighter.

Flag ang log management. The magnets and clip came in handy at times, but got in the way at others. I think the idea of holding it a the end of an extention arm is worthwhile, and will develop something over the winder that suits my needs.

Bike prep. It’s been a while since I’ve owned a bike, and some additional customizations are called for. I will post my plans and progress for winter off-season work.

Route prep. Guess I need to learn more about Garmin’s software, and waypoint management.

Tracking. I mixed up which device I had reporting to Spotwalla (phone vs. tablet.)
Lighting. I need to work on proper lighting for both workspace and bonii photos. See what I’ve got in mind in my next post.