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Inspired by Doug Shonley’s FarkleBar with a version that has threaded through-holes top to bottom and front to back.

Farkle Beam

A work in progress, to be sure, probably overkill; 3/4 x 1″ 6061 aluminum stock with 3/8″-16 threaded RAM ball mounts.  Special thanks to Dave (WynPro on the FJR Forum) for pointing out the obvious fact that shelves, brackets or most anything may also simply be bolted to any spot.  To quote another forum member regarding the original FarkleBar:

Great idea…way above my pay grade.

The $$$ for the real deal is what motivated this project.

20150427_204704 (1024x576)

The 7″ Garmin GPS & 8.4″ Samsung tablet pictured here are standard equipment on my long distance rides and rallies now.  The other random attachments are just to illustrate some of the options.

20150427_204803 (1024x576)

Here’s the view underneath the glass.  I think the versatility of being able to put ball mounts in so many places will allow placement of the bar and all the accessories with unparalleled precision.

I have another one made with a gentle curve throughout.  Since I’m adding knuckle guards to the bike soon, which version fits best has yet to be determined.  I expect the final version will be made with 3/4 x 3/4″ stock, maybe with some bends in two planes to make center and outer tiers.  Or maybe that’s just overkill.

20150427_204746 (1024x576)

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  1. Douglas Shonley

    Good Job on your project. I guess they say “Imitation is the best flattery”. I have made a whole line of FarkleBars over the last 7 years and keep coming up with new ways to mount and use them. I figure most people don’t have a drill press, a tap, and the time to make the smooth rounded ends and edges. So buying a FarkleBar all pre-made seems like a good idea to me. We are using FarkleBars in trucks, tractors, RVs, UTVs, ATVs, and of course motorcycles. I encourage people to come up with new and fresh ideas. We are all in this together.
    See you out on the road.
    Douglas Shonley –

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