Long Distance riders participate in aptly named events like SaddleSore, BunBurner and Iron Butt Rally. Usually these accomplishments are hard-core, like 1,000 miles in 24 hours, or some multiple thereof. These really don’t appeal to me, but the idea of traversing, even circumnavigating the country, or North America… that kind of a goal seems to suit me just right.

There’s a guy from Oregon that’s planning a 50/60/70 trip; 50 states/provinces in 60 days for his 70th birthday.  Let’s not wait that long to try something like that. There’s the Ultimate Coast to Coast – Key West, Florida to… Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. I’ve been north of the Arctic Circle, but we never made it to the Arctic Sea due to fuel constraints; something that needs to be rectified.

But the really appealing option ride is the Ultimate Circumnavigation of North America: Home to Key West, Florida to Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Inuvik, NWT to Goose Bay, Labrador to Madawaska, ME and back home. 17,000 miles in one month! (https://goo.gl/maps/Uyzby).

Over the next few years, with progressively longer rides throughout, I will prepare myself, and my ride, for the rigors of riding that kind of distance, perhaps before I turn 50.