When in doubt, put the ODO reading on everything!  I had lost the Rest Bonus wildcard for lack of an ODO reading on the hotel receipts.  More humiliating, I had not put the Rest Bonus wildcard on the Yahtzee score sheet!  Much ado about nothing.

After the much needed shower and costume change, Virginia and I head down to the ballroom for the Void 9 banquet.  The points I left on the road and on the table haunt me as I wait for the result to be announced.  Scoring 292 of the 314 points I had originally planned should have me placing well, possibly even a podium finish.

Of the 38 Lancaster starters, 3rd place was announced with Jon Good & Ande Bergman’s score of 296, 2nd place was had be Don Stadtler with 305 and Billy Connacher finished 1st with 328 points.  I still can’t imagine how he pulled off 328 points; I hope the RM’s will post the Yahtzee score sheets of the podium finishers (I understand the privacy concerns around the logs themselves.)

When the full results were posted at the end of the banquet, I saw that I had placed 4th.  The lost points had actually cost me a podium finish, but this was a remarkably good finish for my first event.  It also strengthened my desire to do this again, so I will be signing up for a couple of east coast events in 2015.

The complete results of the 2014 Void 9 rally were:

Lancaster, PA Starters
Billy Connacher 328
Don Stadtler 305
Jon Good & Ande Bergman 296
Peter DuDeck 292
Jeff Wilson 286
Rick Snyder 276
Rachael Kim 270
Matt Corrigan 267
Al Olsen 264
Chuck Snyder 262
Rick Miller 260
Ramona Repp 257
Bruce Jansen 247
Chris Comly 237
Joe Yarzebinski 230
Gregg Lenentine 223
Chris Gaines 222
Bruce Dimon 216
Steven Rufo 211
Keith Nusbaum 206
Pete Madden 204
Will Chang 176
Rob Morrison 141
Damon Yuhasz 114
Michael Jordan 85
Robert Vincent -247
BJ Morrisett DNF
Dave Plasterer DNF
George Ponder DNF
Ken Myers DNF
Paul Cooke DNF
Albert Oakley DNS
Anthony Mills DNS
Garrick Valdes DNS
Guy Paquin DNS
Jim Stine DNS
Rick Armour DNS
Rus Milov DNS


Macon, GA Starters
Dan Roth 351
Steve Snell 349
David Clark 327
Rick Bailey & Cora Thompson 317
John Bailey 307
Eric Chernin & Shirley Davis 301
Patrick Hanlon 140
Robby Brinson 127
Dawson Lampp 123
Tony Hudson 94
Phil Ward No Score
James Arnold DNF
Ken Cook DNF
Kurt Dix DNF
Dan Furgeson DNS
Joe Ruddy DNS


Hopkinsville, KY Starters
Shuey Wolfe 278
Mike Newton 271
John Frick 261
Jay Bolinger 232
Chris Fite 103
Mark Hornstein DNF
Robert Rehnkopf DNF


10 Hour Mini-Rally
Kirsten Talkin-Spaulding 361
Lisa Hecker 283
Joe Majsak 260
Dana Beisner 240
Brian Church 153
Ed Kenlon 125
Ron Perlik 14
Leon Begeman 8
Chris Rasmussen 1
Marty Cover DNS
Tim Dunn DNS
Walt Oswald DNS